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are promising to fight a crack down on the largest pot provider. the u.s. attorney filed a complaint against the health center. abc 7 news is here with the latest in a series of moves to close down the dispensary autos the complaint filed by the u.s. attorney targets owner of the building that hoiss the health center in oakland. the harborside owner called a news conference today, vowing to fight. the founder is defiant. >> there is nothing to hide. and nothing to be ashamed of. there is no intention of closing our doors. >> steve deangelo founded the dispensaries and the claim over 100,000 customer was sales of $30 million. and $3 million going to city and state sales tax autos the reason is that we've provided highest level of care that was needed. >> and this size is apparently an issue. the larger the operation, greater likelihood there will be an abuse of the medical marijuana laws and marijuana in the hands of individuals who do not have a demonstrated need. and u.s. attorney has told congress says the dispensaries would not be a priority. >> and given our limited resources would not b
a continuation of the process. >> there are rumors and information. we need evidence that would give us the ability to go in front of a jury and show he was part of the murders. we have that information today. >> reyes is due back in court august 22. ramos is at san quentin being evaluated before being transfered to a permanent prison home. his attorney says she's investigating what impact reyes' arrests could have on the case but frankly doesn't think it changes anything. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> thank you. and a san francisco sheriff lieutenant has been placed on leave following an alleged domestic violence incident at a local gym. the lieutenant was detained after getting into a dispute on thursday at gold's gym on market. this is video of him in the 2009 documentary "the butch factor". is he openly gay and faces charges of assault with intent to cause great bodily injury. police say the victim is someone he had a person relationship. >> two men suspected of brian stow made a brief court appear yengs today, one of them has changed attorneys and is now being represented by the p
the factory. >> the jolly rancher package says the candy is manufactured in brazil. hershey issued us a statement saying we believe this is accidental in nature and will be taking needed actions to prevent this happening the future, amy says she'll only be satisfy fd the company does review it's safety and packaging procedures. >> they offered me three bags of candy replacement. i was like i don't want anything. i want to know kids are going to be safe. >> hershey says food safety is the top pry at this time ti and believes this is isolated, and will not be issuing a precall. >> and thank you. >> falling up on a story you first saw here on abc 7 news, we have now obtained a government ordered report on the death of a morgan hill dog. rachel chambers says her dog died after eating cheats made in china politicians joined the movement to ban the streets. the senator wrote i urge to you continue dedicating resources to find the source of the contamination. the representative askedded -- added the agency should make efforts to inform about the potential dangers of the products. del ms mont
on exindicting reyes. >> and mayor ed lee spoke out about accusations he tried to use his political clout to find a new job for ross mirkarimi then lied about it. and lee suspended mirkarimi stemming from dil charges on new year's eve. the ethics commission is determining whether mirkarimi can return to his job. mirk ream ease's comp a -- camp accused lee of trying to push the sheriff towards the job. >> i told the truth to the ethics commission and you know it sounds like another pafrt of the campaign going with people that say i'm not telling the truth. i know that was a supervisor's all, and each one of them have not talked about it. >> his attorney plans to issue subpoenas to appear before the ethics commission for four people who say mayor lee consulted with them. >> police are looking for a gunman who shot five people in front of a movie theater last night in jackson square. laura anthony is live with the latest on this investigation. laura? >> this insy accident was a culmination of a rough weekend. three homicides in other parts of the city, then a shooting here in a part of town that is
by a neighbor. police tell us that the -- that a witness noticed the suspect had a gun so officers ordered him to drop it. he did not. people who live here say it was a tense morning. they describe a swarm of police officerses and sheriff deputies that descend on the neighborhood. they say they were ordinary by police to stay in their homes as they searched for the suspect. >> while conducting a search of the area, the officers located him. ordinary him to show his hands and surrender but he refused. instead he pointed a weapon at the officers. in self-defense they fired on him and he was ultimately pronounced dead at the scene. >> now, this all started earlier this morning at a vallejo convenience store. police got a call of an armed robbery in proasmg sheriff's deputies spotted the suspect later driving in what they believe is a stolen cherokee. and that is when the chase began. now, police have not yet released the identity of the suspect, but they have told us that he is someone they are familiar with. as for this ongoing investigation, there are two police officers who are now on paid adm
and there is live with the latest. set the scene for us. >> i just got here, you can see behind me, just a silver of the theater where this happened. and that midnight showing of batman. a horrific scene. i can just tell you from getting out here, people on the plane were talking about what happened and updating loved ones and when we pulled into the shopping center it was creepy. the mall is shut down and then, have you emergency vehicles and an ambulance just came because looks like a woman may have had heat excaution. if you take a look this morning with this gunman who opened fire, and it's been heart wrenching for people, especially hearing what went on, and only about a half hour from littleton. and everybody hears about a mass shooting in colorado they're thinking about the columbine tragedy. again this is the worst massacre in u.s. history. so there is a lot going on now. i'm told there will be a news conference at 7:00. i'm going to see what information i can get to i can bring you the latest. >> and thank you very much. and we'll come back this evening. bay area cities are increasing pa
on the roof of what used to be the old oakland city hall. wood gutters caught on fire, burning a hole in the attic, firefighters here say the back up plan worked. >> i came outside and saw the fire. i started to tell my mom, my sister and everybody. >> this worked as it should have. the next company, next got there one minute later. >> with water? >> correct. >> and oakland does have one of the best unsanctioned commercial grade fire works display ndz the bay area. the back up plan could be delayed if the engine is on another call tonight. there is a lot of illegal gunshots going off on the 4th of july. tonight the police department says that it's upgraded it's shots spotter with software that can detect the difference between fire work asks gunshots. fire works going off here, this crew already put out one tire, we'll let you know how it goes tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. i'm allen wong in oakland, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and the patrol reopened highway 4 after an afternoon brush fire forced a closure of several lanes. the fire broke out on the shoulder just before 3:00 this
in time for us to see 079s in the east bay. we're going to cool down considerably tomorrow. we'll take a >> alan: at least 212 people have been killed in southern and central china from torrential rains, floods, and spudslides. people are walking through water as high as their shoulders. rafts are being used to transport the elderly and doings are paddling for all their worth. the forecast calls for more rain through monday. >> a wildfire burping in the sierra has grown to 2200 acres. the fire in placer county has destroyed at least one residence and is threatening 170 other homes. evacuations remain in effect. cal fire says extremely treacherous terrain is making it difficult for the nearly 2,000 firefighters on scene. 11 of them have been hurt. the wildfire is only 20% contained. >> alan: opponents of california's $68 billion high speed rail project plan to be in sackett to tomorrow to -- sacramento tomorrow to call for an end of the project. it's under pressure to not continue the project. lawsuits will be discussed at the state capitol tomorrow. the city's claim the environment rev
inhalation. a crew working next door saw flames and managed to rescue the grandfather. >> and he told us there was a 2-year-old and we just went crazy trying to -- get him out. there was no chance. >> i'm just praying now that my grandma and grandpa come back. i hope they make it. >> this had is hindi and had an altar near the bedroom. >> three teenagers charged with what police are calling extreme vandalism, accused of breaking windows and burglarizing 32 cars parked in an underground garage. police say that these teenagers seemed to target expensive cars like this ferrari. >> the way to describe to me by the sargeant that went out there, saying it's the worst he's had with so many cars broken into. 32 degree -- vehicles. >> the three teenagers have been released to skpairnts face charges including burglary and auto theft. >> there is progress on the bart expansion project in the oakland airport taking shape in the form of gerters and columns. we're live tonight with what has been done and what is still to come. >> today what has been celebrated is that white, steel gerter there. it's 3
before 3:00 p.m. at cabrillo and la playa streets. the fire department used air bags to free the man whose arm was pinned under a wheel. police believe the victim got his foot caught in a gutter and lost balance and fell into the path. it appears the driver did not see him but stopped once realizing what happens. the victim is recovering in san francisco general hospital. >> there is a stalled train blocking traffic. a problem with a wire causing delays on the k, l, and m lines throughout the twin peaks tunnel. crews on the scene trying to fix the problem there. is no estimate for when service might resume. bus shuttles are running between the vanness station and west portal station. >> and oakland police asked hokeal merchants if there is any surveillance videos that might help them capture a hit and run driver. a bicyclist died after being struck about 9:30 last night. this is the crime scene from skip 7 hd. it's dark but a witness told police a car hit the man. evidence found at the scene suggests it dragged him at least 100 feet. officers found skid marks on pavement. >> someone
it could be used. >> governor brown acknowledges some will dislike this plan but he wants to end the water wars. >> i want to get this done the best i can. all right? >> the tunnels do not need approval because they're authorized through the plan. environmental reviews are still needed. live in sacramento abc 7 news. >> the water plan is angering officials in contra costa county because people in antioch and other cities in that region get their water from the dealt yachl the water district spent $850 million to control the water and officials worry it will set back efforts. >> this could increase levels unless we're mitigated would mean we'd have to use our new projects to expand a reservoir to mitigate those impacts for them that. would be wrong. >> and officials want state to conduct studies on the impact of the diverse plan. and they want state to pay for upgrades needed to control salt levels in water. >> there is a 10-year-old girl expected to recover after being hit by a shuttle bus in downtown san francisco about an hour ago. police say an employee shuttle bus hit the girl while sh
, it would be our right to do it. >> and this chef told us the foie gras he purchased legally before the ban went into affect. he says when he runs out, he will go outside of california to nevada to purchase more. presidio social club, we're told they can expect demonstrators this weekend. >> and there is a san jose principal now facing criminal charges for failing to report the molestation of an 8-year-old girl. accused of not notifying police the first time a parent raised suspensions. it's a story we've been covering since january. one teacher was aest ared for molestation. and there are five families come forward, claiming daughters have been moflested by the teacher. the prosecutor says td principal may have allow aid key piece of evidence to be destroyed. a jacket with a stain. >> the principal returned that jacket to the parents. thinking it was nothing and that is now washed and any value it had is now gone. >> the attorney for the principal issued a statement reading the child's parents and school district aware of the teacher conduct have no way of knowing that it was of a sexual n
a quarter stick. >> merchants used to complain about runners doing business in front of shops. not this year, david lee worked here two decades. >> we've not seen this type of fire works from 4th of july. i think it's been stronger. >> and again, we have learned san francisco police this afternoon confiscated 50 m-1,000 fire works. the bomb squad removed the explosive was out incident. >> and there is no fire works display being planned or sanctioned by the july 4th holiday. police say they're preparing for it. and there is nick smith with the latest. >> and things were quiet. i can tell you the same here, in oakland, however, you can find small fire works promising to shoot flames and sparks. police say they're dangerous and opd has a tool to try to keep them off the streets. this looks small, but say it promises to flame and spark, when it's just one of several illegal fire works i found being sold in a store in chinatown but that is not the only place to find them. >> there are individuals selling on craig's list. >> this officer says that this is not only dangerous, but illegal. they wan
this. she is -- in this community, she's a hero to all of us. >> the family lived a few blocks from this rec center and betty used to play here regularly. the aging center was torn down two years ago and rebuilt. >> want to be here to honor her. >> today was about making new memories memories and honoring the old. greg work with her and refused to miss this day and see the tribute. >> one of the kindest persons i've ever known. >> i'm hoping they will walk away knowing that there was a brave little girl who grew up here in chinatown and became very, very heroic. >> the rec center will be open to the public starting tuesday. live in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> ama: in fremont, three-year-old girl is recovering after surviving a fall from a second store window. it happened this morning. the little girl was standing on a bed, then accidentally fell on to the screen and then through the window. she suffered bumps and bruises. the girl is being held for observation at children's hospital in oakland. >> alan: we learn that a bicyclist struck and killed in downtown be
spent a month in rehab and friday, crashed into a tree and a light pole while using a cell phone. and police say there is no indication drugs or alcohol were involve bud they're still investigating. a spokesman says he wants it resolved in a twhai serves best interests of their 9-year-old son. >> protestors in san francisco disrupted service to two muni lines this morning marking a anniversary of a shootout with police after a fare evasion stop. we're live in the bay view. >> earlier, these protestors threatened to disrupt muni service once again. i don't think that is going to happen. one reason is that there are only a handful out here, what you can see behind me is that there is a memorial for kenneth harding who died here a year ago. police were called in to monitor the 7:00 a.m. protest in san francisco. the group split and moved towards church street to disrupt muni service. >> i'm going to be late for a meeting. >> shuttle buses ready to transport riders but police didn't expect them to move. >> we had resources in place and so had to redeploy this morning. >> key interes
here, there are only small segments of the lines. >> a spokesman says the company will tell us where all 500 spots are located. and we know lines 101 and 132 have been found at risk. two mile stretch of 132 has been shut down at the explosion site. an active part of the line runs paflt daniel archer's house in south san francisco. >> i feel there is a bomb ready to go off without us knowing he doesn't trust the utility company and a metals expert says there is a good reason. i spoke with kenneth today via skip. >> those lines are greatly overpressurized he says he ran the operations for the kind of pipe pg&e has running he found a disturbing similarity. >> overpressurized more than double what it should be. >> state assemblyman jerry hill represents san bruno and says the utilities should be made to test every line overpressure. >> the law states have you to test those pipes afterwards. and i think this is the test. >> this is going to be the test of the california public utilities commission. i think it's standing by the law and what it says are going to allow pg&e to get away with
battalion chief tells me they have trained with the big crane used in the rescue, since this is a new ride, osha asked the amusement park to keep the crane on sight and have an emergency plan in place, and crews tell me they actually conducted a mock rescue scenario a few weeks ago, and they tell me that scenario actually turned out quite well today because they had something to work off of, they had a really good plan, and everything seemed to turn out okay. reporting live at six flag, abc-7 news. >> ama: now to san francisco, where a body was discovered in a backyard this morning. it was found behind a home on car neilan way in indictment heights. here's the latest on the investigation. john? >> reporter: this is an unsettled sunday here in this area, which is a second cliewldded dead end street. the man's body was found behind the row of homes you see behind me. as late as 4:00 this afternoon, inspectors from the san francisco police department were poking around the brush and the hillside behind the homes. they still don't know the name of the victim who has gunshot wounds. there is a
and they didn't have to use the crane. if they needed to, they could have. they were able to to. and the cal ocea will give the okay for the ride to continue again. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> hopefully they will not need the crane to rescue people again. dispute between friends escalated into a teen stabbing his friend repeatedly. they arrested a 17 year old suspect. he and his buddy got into an argument playing a video on line. the teen grabbed a rifle and knife and went to the friend's house to confront him. >> he had the gun aimed at me and shot at my son. i went downstair to call the police. he ran back up the stairs and i thought they were fist fight he was stabbing the hell out of my son. the teenager shot at the victim but missed. the victim is recovering from stab wound and expected to survive. >> san francisco police is investigating how a homeless man got his hands on a stock pile of guns and ammunition. they arrested him inside of a gray jeepp in which he was living. they also found survival gear car. it is not the first time police dealt with jones . he was arrested after leaving a
is live in downtown oakland with the latest for us. nick? >> there are things starting to shift. i wanted to show you what we're seeing. there is a group gathered inside. and it's not the same energy experienced earlier and there is harborside collective fighting for what they say is a state tight to sell and contribute marijuana. and there is a polar bear hoping to greet the president with the message he not give shell a special pass to pollute the arctic z students calling on the president to allow children who are brought into the country illegally immunity saying undocumented men and women continue to be detained and deported despite the announcement. there have been appearances by afghans for peace and demonstrators pushing for release of bradley manning accused of leaking secrets to wiki leak autos the chief declaring bradley manning guilty. he hasn't gone to trial yet. it's unfair. and there are not everyone else is here to protest a visit. and there is deborah here to say they're here to shout for the president. >> i just wanted to show my support. and i believe in him. we still h
it monday tieses user data. >> there is information they use to sell and that is how they make money and that is okay. and i think they have to be very transparent so the end user can make a decision. >> there is one thing certain, expenses have nearly tripled and coming in at just shy of $2 million. much of the money being spent on sales and marketing and administration. >> skm face book reported earnings before the bell, shares ended down again by $2.50 a share. zynga down 37%. a new company from foster city fell 10% today. >> twitter went down again this, morning. the second time in just more than a month. it's raising questions about what is going on inside of the data centers of the company. and we have a look at the impact. >> richard admits he relies heavily on twitter. >> i tried to log on it and was down. for me that means i wasn't able to interact with friends and colleagues and find out anything new in the world. >> newsrooms are some of the first place that's notice. >> is it down for you? for you? determined yes. waits down for everybody. >> and oh my god, it's not worki
disruptions, okay? when these questions are being asked. so, please. help us here. >> so miss lopez, did you tell miss peralta-hanes your lawyer was thinking about calling the police to report the december 31 incident with your husband? >> no. i didn't said that. >> so you never asked her any advice with regards to that? to that possibility? of your lawyer calling the police? >>. >> what i told her that is my lawyer is suggesting her plan is her plan is like her advise and i thought that is her advice, not her plan. and would accuse ross of domestic violence. >> okay. so you told miss peralta... >> you're hearing llya na. lopez on the stand. dan noyes is tweeting right now lopez's testimony, you can follow him on twitter dan noyes, he's using hash tag mirkarimi. >> another subject i team reports ucsf medical center is dealing with a racially charged incident a noose in an office out in the open. workers there contacted dan noyes and tonight there is an investigation you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> this happened july 10th in the inventory warehouse. a large noose hung for anyone to see
plans to take a break from the movies this week. >> when something like this happens today, it scared us. >> reporter: as for movie goers who were forced to evacuate, they can come back to the movie theater and get amc passes that are good for any movie for the next year. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you. abc 7 news will have continuing coveragm0(0o/&ógbbi Ñoñh the cor massacre throughout the weekend. you can go the latest any time on abc 7, on twitter anden our facebook page.xáu arod 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. i can tell you that right$?u n. we grabbedhem and opened the doors and brought her in. >> reporter: the child was quickly rushed to children's hospital where she was listed in stable condition. police believe she was the innocent victim of a drive-by shooting. they do not have many details so far about the shooter or the intended target. police say they only have a very basic description about the suspect vehicle. they say it was a lexus with no hub caps. also the fire captain tells me that they didn't get a really good look at the vehicle either because
. >> is this the best use of public land? >> there is a membership of about 400 people that pay $100 per year. they're hoping to work something out with the city. >> thank you. >> and still coming up tonight a new development if one of the most-devastating forest fires in history. why a timber company will pay dearly for it. >> great expectations at yahoo. challenges facing the chief executive. and a new baby as well. >> google's entry in the tab blet competition. half of size of the ipad for half the price. are they flying off the shelfs? >> upper level low may bring showers to the bay ar hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> we have breaking news we're following. there is live sky 7 hd pictures on the peninsula. a grass fire is burning near homes and there is space in east palo alto. these are live pictures burning near illinois street and ravens wood space. there is crews just increased it with a seco
and using intimidation for support. >> it's illegal to bring people with guns to persuade the people or to intimidate the people so they can -- they vote only for peÑa nieto. >> pena nieto denies the allegations and is set to take power in november. >> a group occupying the farm returned to the farm. the land is owned by uc berkeley and occupiers accuse the university of not taking care of the plants. the activist are planning to protest monday before a public hearing on development plans near the gill tract. >> ama: more than 1400 people resting in a san jose cemetery were railroad today. a prayer service was held at the santa clara county center campus inch september they unearthed pine becomes from a potter's field that had been forgotten. the consecutive fins, in the path of construction, will be removed in a dig any need matter and dealt with in adored kansas with the law and current practices. the rest will stay in their rest place. >> friends of see a lamar are not giving up. today the held a car wash fundraiser. searchers have to be 18 so many of her friends were too young s
conditioning we're under an energy alert another hour. pg&e recommends curtailing as much use as you can, by reducing lighting and turning off unnecessary appliances until 7:00 tonight when things should begin to cool off. and how have people been coping? >> well, the temperatures now in walnut creek is 99 degrees. there is 100 just an hour ago. into upper 90s most of the afternoon. people did what they could to stay cool from going to a nearby pool to staying in the shade. there is little relief for those who had to work in this heat. the paving crew asked to start early to beat the heat. there are some local clubs did start practicing this morning. >> clear skies and sun blazing. we take a lot of breaks and make sure we stay hydrated. >> the demand for electricity, pg&e asking customers to conserve between hours of 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. >> and the reason is a lot of folks coming home from work but there are a lot of folks at work. we can see that almost double load, if you will of office folks still in the office and at home beginning evenings. >> and despite this heat we want to sho
, and that means the people like to use fireworks. he wants to remind everyone they're illegal in contra costa county and if you see a fire to call 9-1-1 immediately in brentwood, nick smith, abc-7 news. >> ama: fire crews battled a two alarm fire in a home in martinez. you can see just how heavy the flames were. crews got it under control before midnight but part of the roof collapsed. one person was hospitalized. >> a fire in this apartment complex kept firefighters busy for a half hour in concord. the flames burnt two units on clayton way near willow pass road. investigators haven't determine how it started. >> alan: in san francisco, fundraiser for the victims of an apartment fire is winding down. 37 people were dissomeplaced by a fire that damaged two apartment buildings in may. >> ama: many residents are still struggling to find place to live. sergio quintana is in the mission district with a look at how the comiewbt is helping out. >> reporter: this is a fundraiser that was time to coincide with sunday streets in the mission, which just wrapped up. you can see right now, organizers have
but you have to click a link to see them. you can find us at news and on twitter at abc 'news bay area, and tonight, right after the olympics at midnight, switch back to abc-7 for the local news and weather in seven minutes. >> just ahead, mega win for one bay area lotto fan. >>> how washington, dc lawmakers are giving hand to help foster kids. >>> a beautiful day today. but what's ahead for the rest of the weekend? leigh glaser has the forecast. >> mike: i'm mike shumann, 49ers are gearing up in looking to get back toot least the nfc title game. >> ama: a congressal internship program is paving the way for adults who grew up in foster care. >> a way to be able to -- >> michelle robs never imagined she would spend her days in the halls of congress. >> talk to me about what you like best about this experience. >> i like how close i'm able to get to the senator. >> this summer she is one of 15 former foster children working as interns on capitol hill. >> so grateful to be here. >> reporter: the interns live in a college dorm and take part in cultural events and weekly dinn
by chief doug rogers. cancan you tell us what happene? >> we're under investigation on the cause. a week stubble field. the wheat had been harvested. a good wind and burned 15 acres. the main concern was it would jump the road here and then from there it had a pretty clear path into the city of vacaville, so we called ten engines locally. calfire sent a land response and we contained the fire in an hour. >> any homes threatened. >> no. we contained it in the roadways. >> any injuries? i understand the highway had a lot of smoke on it and traffic was affected? >> ey, traffic was affected for a while. my understanding the chp shut the highway down for a would you minutes and the traffic was horrendous. took one unit 40 minutes to get hire from dixon. >> what is happening right now? >> we're in the mop-up stage. cal friarfire brought ad toker in. we have hand crews putting down soil around it and mopping up hot spots. >> that's the assistant fire chief, now, this road is closed westbound on to highway 80. also closed going into cherry glen and pleasant valley road. this fire was knocked dow
laura anthony joins us. >> a race car included one of the biggest names in this sport. earlier as is tradition in this sport, the jockeys honored a fallen colleague, and then, the races began. >> one day after the jockey was killed, races resumed with a program. eight in all. there are five of them featuring russell bait autos he was a nice, quiet guy. never made trouble. good little rider. >> jockeys and trainers gathered to remember herera. the accident is still under investigation, and it appears the horse tripped or stumbled. the jockey thrown forward, the horse gallupped over him. >> nobody was to blame. it's something that happened here, unavoidable. >> just good nature him, real warm. >> any time a rider dies, it's just -- the worst. i mean, yeah. a healthy, young guy. and trying to make a living doing what he loves. >> thursday, he went down. >> we're saying where is the jockey? you know? we didn't see anything. and we got back to the hotel. and we found out. >> dennis miller is a race director and saw the accident. and 37 years to the day after miller watched another j
shirt. there is a bag using to carry property. >> police investigators are hoping someone will recognize this car and possibly the man who broke into a house last week and walked off calmly. the video shot by a surveillance camera. the car is a two door blue or possibly green mercedes-benz with large chrome rims. >> in this case the suspect was in the house almost a half hour, we got that time based on camera. >> cameras are proving to be more reliable than vigilant neighbors and i was home and i played my cell phone he saw the video and police say they get access to surveillance video in about a third of home burglary cases and they're building a data base to know when has camera autos there is a volunteer helping us coordinate this program and that is so we know where cameras are. we can go to the houses and retrieve surveillance necessary. >> there is another neighbor with a camera to nab deer but it can catch a thief. there is lividdo feeds. the image is being taken by a camera that costs $59. systems can run $800. >> cost coming down to just having this kind of technology providing
, and everyone around us that are struggling with the event. >> anita is from aurora. this is the first she is meeting greg of illinois but he has been here before. he makes crosses for those who passed away. >> i brought them up here before, for the columbine school shootings, and for a police officer that got killed on his motorcycle. and a lady that got run over on the street, and i've been to colorado many, many times, but just to see this happen again, this massacre. >> he drove 16 hours to place his crosses near this memorial for the victims of the theater shooting but his work isn't done. >> i'm going to put a small set of crosses up at rebel hill, like columbine high school again, because everybody in chicago is asking me about columbine so just think it's important we remember both. >> josh and shana believe it's personality to teach their children that the community is greater than an act of violence. >> for my children to learn that bad things happen in this world, but this is how we in our world respond. we take care of each other and take care of everyone we can. >> they brough
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